The Speaker

Achim Lohrie,
Head of Corporate Responsibility, Tchibo GmbH

Achim Lohrie was born on 5 March 1959 in Bünde, Westphalia. After completing a law degree and related traineeships in Hamburg and the USA, he started his career as a company lawyer at Otto GmbH & Co. KG in 1990.

In early 1992 he moved to a new area of responsibility as environmental spokesman and in early 1994 was promoted to head of the Environmental and Social Policies Department in Otto's Environmental and Social Policies Division.

In addition to this function he became a member of the company's management team at Systain Consulting GmbH, a member company of the Otto Group, in autumn 1999 and, with effect from November 2004, managing director of FSAF – Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry in Developing Countries as well.

In late June 2005 he left the Otto Group and started up his own consultancy, RMC – Risk Management Coaching. In this capacity he advised Tchibo GmbH on the development, adaptation and implementation of its sustainability strategy and, in April 2006, was appointed head of the newly created Corporate Responsibility Department.